Vin Bolya Sabh Kich Janda

Bhai Joginder Singh Ji

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This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji on Ang 1420 of Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji

baabeehaa saglee Dhartee jay fireh ood charheh aakaas.

The rainbird wanders all over the earth, soaring high through the skies.

satgur mili-ai jal paa-ee-ai chookai bhookh pi-aas.

But it obtains the drop of water, only when it meets the True Guru, and then, its hunger and thirst are relieved.

jee-o pind sabh tis kaa sabh kichh tis kai paas.

Soul and body and all belong to Him; everything is His.

vin boli-aa sabh kichh jaandaa kis aagai keechai ardaas.

He knows everything, without being told; unto whom should we offer our prayers?

naanak ghat ghat ayko varatdaa sabad karay pargaas. ||58||

O Nanak, the One Lord is prevading and permeating each and every heart; the Word of the Shabad brings illumination. ||58||



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Artist: Bhai Joginder Singh Ji
Video title: Vin Bolya Sabh Kich Janda
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